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Night 2

July 29, 2010

After the usual bath, pajamas, and books, Amelia nursed for awhile, crawled around, talked, bounced, all that winding down stuff, then fell asleep without nursing and without crying by 8:45. I couldn’t believe it. She whimpered a couple times, then fell asleep after I recited from memory some of her favorite books. It was amazing. I left the room, then came back in at 10 to go to sleep. Unfortunately when I came back into the room it woke her up. This time she wasn’t so easily consoled. She screamed, cried, sat and stood up for about 35 minutes, finally falling asleep on me. I slid her back onto her side, and she stayed asleep. I think she slept pretty soundly until 1:00. She woke up very angry again, crying and screaming. I tried to talk to her, to let her know she was safe, and to acknowledge that it was hard to change a pattern that she and I have had her whole life. She fell back asleep, but between 1 and 5 she was very restless, thrashing around the bed, rolling all over the place, crying, whimpering, and occasionally screaming. Finally, at 5:00 I nursed her. She was obviously very hungry, pointing at my breasts and saying “that” and signing milk. I decided that 5 is the time I’d like to aim for before nursing her. She nursed off and on all morning from 5 until she woke up at 8:10. Amelia doesn’t eat as much during the day as she should, and she’s been using these nighttime nursings to sustain her. At our 12 month doctor’s visit, the doctor was concerned about her weight gain; she weighs exactly what she did at 9 months and has slid from the 96th percentile for weight (at four months old) to the 38th percentile. She doesn’t look skinny at all, but the ped suggested nursing her less at night to get her to eat more during the day. Personally, I don’t think her weight gain slowing down is a problem. She was bigger than average at birth (and 10 days past her due date), so I think she’s actually just leveling off. But I do think she would benefit from eating more during the day. It’s just a matter of finding a way to get her to eat more so she’ll sleep more/nurse less at night. She hardly wants to nurse at all during the day, and part of me is afraid that night-weaning will mean complete-weaning, and I’d like to keep nursing her for awhile.
Anyway, I was awake almost the entire night, or at least from 1-5. Each day I think I can’t get any more tired, then I get up after another night of little sleep, and I’m amazed I’m still a functioning human being. Apparently my rope has no end.

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