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Night 3

July 30, 2010

Last night started out rough. She was obviously very tired but was resisting going to sleep. Her teeth also seemed to really be hurting her. She did the usual sitting, standing, crying, screaming routine, and kept laying her head on my body, but couldn’t get comfortable, so she’d stand and scream again. I realized that it seemed like she really wanted to have her head elevated so, against all safety precautions, I set her head on Andrew’s firm, relatively flat pillow. She fell asleep within minutes, by 8:40. I left the room and she remained asleep. And she kept sleeping. And sleeping. She made a few little whimpers, tosses, and turns here and there, but she slept without sitting up and crying until 3:50. At that point she woke up and said her very clear “that” while pointing at my chest, so I nursed her because I know that means she’s hungry. She nursed in her sleep for awhile on both sides, then off and on throughout the morning until she woke up at 8:00.

The pillow seems to help a lot. I’m going to try to find her a toddler size pillow today, one that is a little safer for her and will cause me less anxiety throughout the night (I kept waking up to make sure she wasn’t under or face down on the pillow). Even though she slept so much better last night, I didn’t. I’ve developed some really awful sleep habits that I need to figure out how to break. In grad school, before Amelia was born, I often had to take two melatonin and watch a DVD to fall asleep. I can’t take melatonin and cosleep, nor can I watch a DVD to fall asleep when I’m in bed with Amelia. Last night I laid awake for hours, wishing so badly I could sleep. I was amazed that Amelia just kept sleeping and sleeping, and I was (pleasantly) envious of her new found ability to sleep well. First we tackle her sleep habits. Then we address mine.

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