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Night 4

July 31, 2010

Well, last night wasn’t great. She nursed for awhile, played on the bed for awhile, and then I was reciting Good Night Moon to her and she was calm, lying with her head on my stomach. Her dad came in to ask me a question and for some reason that sent her over the edge. She started crying and screaming and she did not want to calm down. I tried doing the I-know-Amelia-is-so -mad thing, but she couldn’t hear me over her own screaming. I rocked her, held her, helped her find a comfortable position on the pillow, and she finally fell asleep, facing me, with both our heads on the pillow. It was 8:35. I got up, did my thing, then she started crying again at 10:35. I went into the room and put her back on her side and she fell asleep pretty easily. I think the night was reasonably smooth, with just a few tiny moments of whimpering, until 3:00, when she was clearly hungry again. I thought of asking her to wait, but I decided to go ahead and nurse her. She was very hungry and nursed fully on both sides. Then, of course, she nursed throughout the morning as she slept and woke up for good at 6! Much earlier than usual. I was so tired that I just let her climb all over me and nurse in awkward positions while I laid in bed for an hour longer.

I guess we’re making slow progress–? Each night she has fallen asleep a little earlier. I just wonder if nursing her from 3am onward is such a good idea? I know she’s genuinely hungry at 3, but then she wants to comfort nurse all morning after that. And I’d really like some solid sleep during that time. Any suggestions out there? I know Elizabeth Pantley says that when you’re changing sleep habits you shouldn’t really record day-by-day progress; instead, you should look at changes that occur every 10 days. So even though I’m recording this daily, on Night 10 I’ll do an overall evaluation and see if this is actually worth it. I’m certainly not more rested. Yet.

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