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Night 6

August 2, 2010

Worst night yet. Amelia had her bath a little bit later than usual, at 7:20 instead of 7. She did her usual nursing, crying, standing thing, then fell asleep by about 8:25. She slept well until about 11:20, then I was able to put her back on her side and cuddle her to sleep. But for some reason she was awake again at around 1, and she was so so hungry and angry. She was desperately searching for the nipple, signing milk, saying “that.” She wouldn’t settle without nursing, so I caved and nursed her. After that she was awake off and on all night, wanting to nurse. I’m pretty sure the teething hurt really badly today: she’s been gnawing on everything and making this sad little o face that she only makes when she’s teething. We are both very tired today. And of course this is one of my work days, so I’ve got to somehow jolt myself into wakefulness to get a ton of stuff done.

I’ve been talking, well, emailing, with a friend about whether or not cosleeping is even the right arrangement for my family. I do really love it, and I love the idea of it, the philosophy behind it, all of that. I believe that mammals have evolved to be close to their offspring, and it’s only a recent phenomenon that humans have decided to put their babies in a separate room. But. But but but but. I’m not sleeping. She’s not sleeping. And we don’t live in a world where she and I can nap all day. I have to work to make ends meet. Let’s blame capitalism.

Speaking of blaming capitalism, I’m reading a great book right now titled Radical Parenting by the Radical Honesty guy. It’s enabling me to examine myself, our “culture” (whatever that means, right Anthropologists?), and our sociobiological makeup to see how all of it affects and shapes my parenting. I highly recommend it.

We’re more than halfway to the 10 day reexamination of this technique. I hope that she doesn’t want to nurse tonight until 3, because I really am loving the several hours of time to myself after she falls asleep at night.

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  1. August 2, 2010 4:29 pm

    Tonight could you try Motrin and teething tablets shortly before she goes to bed? When X is actively teething and very uncomfortable I usually give him some Tylenol before bed to try and help his rest better.

    You guys will find the right solution for your family. Hang in there, hon.

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