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Night 8

August 4, 2010

Best night yet! Just when it seemed all hope was lost. She fell asleep around 8:30 (her nap was later yesterday, so she wasn’t as tired as early). She now likes to lie on my chest for awhile instead of nursing. We talk, giggle, sing. Last night she rolled off my chest and then fell asleep on her side. I left the room, worked for awhile, then came in to go to bed at 10:30 or so. In her sleep she had rolled all over the bed and was sleeping with her head pointed down, smack in the middle of the bed. I managed to curl up in a little ball beside her without waking her up. And I slept great until she woke up at 1. I helped her fall back asleep by cuddling her and putting her back on her side. She slept all the way until 5, and then I nursed her off and on until she woke up for the morning at 7:15. I gave her ibuprofen before bed (those teeth are driving her crazy!) and she didn’t have any wheat or gluten for dinner. Yeah, I know this gluten thing is a long shot, but I’m willing to try magical spells at this point. I had her–and me–on an elimination diet for two weeks to see if it would help her sleeping, constipation, and/or eczema. Her eczema seemed improved, but it hasn’t flared up at all even though she’s eating everything again. I think it might have been related to a seasonal allergy from the Spring. But, like I said, her sleeping was really bad those two nights that she had a lot wheat at dinner. It can’t hurt to pull wheat from dinner, right? So why not.

The only thing about last night is that Andrew decided to sleep elsewhere, and I’m wondering if more room in the bed made it easier for her to sleep soundly. He was so tired from the previous two nights that he slept in the room next to us. It could be that it is the closeness of my body that wakes her up, and that the only way we’ll sleep is if we’re farther apart. I’ll see how tonight goes. Only two more nights until the 10 day reevaluation. But I heard somewhere that the amount of time it takes to change a baby’s habits correlates with how many months old they are. So, since Amelia is almost 13 months old, it would take 13 nights to change her sleep habits. Not sure who came up with this rather scientific and mathematical theory (ha), but maybe I should wait until we’ve tried it for 13 nights before I abandon the plan or come up with something drastically different.

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