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Night 10

August 6, 2010

So. Night 10. The night. The reevaluation night. The is-this-working night. She didn’t really cry before falling asleep, but she was restless. I didn’t give her ibuprofen last night because I’d given it to her the three previous nights, and I don’t want to overdo it. Anyone know how often you can give a teething baby ibuprofen without causing damage? I don’t like to over-medicate, but she is genuinely very uncomfortable. Maybe I should switch to acetaminophen? Anyway, she fell asleep by 8:30, after rolling around a lot to get herself in a comfortable position. When I came to bed at 10:30 she was, once again, at the foot of the bed. She stirred when I came into the room, but I got her up to the top of the bed without waking her. She started stirring again, and I moved out of the way. She rolled right over to where I had been, made a little sound, then kept sleeping. I realized that if she had run into me she would’ve woken up and wanted to nurse or been upset. She slept fine until 2:00 or so, and I honestly think she would’ve kept sleeping had she not rolled into me. But, my presence woke her up and she was upset, wanting to nurse. She nursed for awhile, then we fell back asleep, but she kept waking up a few times after that. I didn’t check the time each time she woke up, but she was really ripping at my nipples–biting them hard. This is what makes me think her teeth hurt. She wasn’t just looking for nursing comfort, she wanted something to help her teething pain. WHEN WILL THESE MOLARS COME THROUGH?! Argh. Anyway, it was a rough early morning, and she woke up for the morning at 7:00ish.


I began on this yesterday, as you know, but today I will continue, since I gave myself 10 nights to decide what to do. Amelia would sleep better in her own space. I’ve come to terms with that. Now I have to figure out how and when to move her to her own bed. I could put the twin bed next to ours, but when the weather gets colder it can’t be right next to ours or else it will cover the heating vent. And I can’t rearrange the room because the other wall is the wall we share with the neighbors on the other side of the duplex, and I don’t want them to have to hear an upset baby at night (they probably already do, but this would make it worse). I can try to move her into her bedroom, but there are some safety issues. The closet door in that room doesn’t latch, and the grate that’s over the ancient heating vent isn’t secured. Also, there is only one outlet in that room and I’d have to plug an air-conditioning unit or fan into it. I’d need to rig it so she can’t unplug it (it’s within her reach). I’d also probably need to buy a bed rail for the foot of the bed, since she likes to move down there anyway, and I don’t want to be checking on her all night long to make sure she doesn’t fall off. Okay, so, blah blah blah. All those things can be done. However, we’re going on a tiny vacation next weekend, and I’m wondering if I should wait to transition her to her own bed before or after the vacation. I have a feeling there will be some difficult nights. But now that I’ve done this I feel much more confident that I can withstand some more difficult nights. I’m so much more optimistic than I was before this started! She’ll probably be sleeping next to me on our vacation, so, again, maybe I should wait until the week after next? Part of me feels really ready to start this now, though. Any thoughts?

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  1. Yoon permalink
    August 7, 2010 8:37 pm

    Yes, I’d say wait until after your vacation. Then you can go at it with full consistency. I’ve read, and experienced myself with Oscar, that being *right there* makes it all too easy for babe to resort straight away to nursing rather than self-soothing, even if said babe is not hungry or really in need of parent comfort. Oscar (like his mom) needs a lot of space to move around while sleeping. He sleeps so much better in his own bed.

    You could even have Dad sleep next to her instead while you wait for the bed transition, so that nursing isn’t an option unless she really needs it. I’ve heard that works in some families.

    • August 8, 2010 5:15 pm

      Thanks Yoon! Yeah, I think we will start next week, after the vacation. She hasn’t been nursing much at all at night lately, but I think it helps that I’ve been trying to sleep far away from her. But she would really benefit from her own space, I think. I had no idea how active a sleeper she was!

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