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PART II: Night 1

August 22, 2010

We brought the twin bed into our bedroom and squeezed it between the wall and our mattress. It’s a tight fit, but it works. Last night I laid down next to her on her little bed and nursed her for awhile. It took her a little bit longer than usual to fall asleep, probably because it was a new space (though not a new room). But once she fell asleep, at 8:45, she slept fine until around midnight or so. She woke up very upset. I was asleep in the big bed, so I went down to her in her bed and tried to cuddle her to sleep. It took quite a while, but she fell back asleep. Later, at around 1 or 2–I’m not for sure because I just didn’t check–she was very very upset again. She kept rolling around on her little bed, looking for me. I went down onto her bed and tried to cuddle her, but she wasn’t having it. I nursed her, which she liked. I woke up a little while later, still on her bed. And went back up to our bed. She woke again, not too long after that, and was crying really hard again. I finally just brought her up to our bed because I was really exhausted and my neck and back hurt from lying half on her bed and half on ours (ours is about 3 inches higher than hers). She nursed a ton the rest of the morning. Basically, she wouldn’t let me pull away at all. I gave her water at one point in the night, which she gulped down, but I think she was very hungry too. Or something. Whatever it was, she was glued to the nipple and I didn’t get much sleep. She woke up for the morning at around 8:35, which is pretty late for her. I didn’t mind at all.

Getting her to sleep longer at night without having my body as close as before is going to be difficult. Doing this reminds me of why I brought her into the bed in the first place. When she was brand new I planned on having her sleep in an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper mini right next to the bed, but she was constantly waking up and wanting to be close. When I decided one night to try to sleep with her next to me, when she was 3 weeks old or so, I was amazed at how much more sleep I got. Sure, she was nursing at night, but she was also sleeping so much more, and so was I. Now, she’s 13 months old, and I am hoping that she’ll like sleeping in her own space, but I do not have the energy to go to her all throughout the night. Once I brought her back up into the bed last night, it was much easier. However, I’m going to keep trying this, despite my tiredness. Hopefully tonight I won’t need to bring her up into the bed before daybreak. Ha. That’s the plan, anyway.

Baby and dad co-sleeping

Here’s a before photo, of the last morning before we put her bed next to ours. I’ve been cramming my body in between those two bed hogs for over a year now.

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