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Night 3

August 23, 2010


Didn’t go so well.

She fell asleep on her bed by 8:30. When I came into the bedroom at 9:40 or so, the sound of me opening the door bothered her. She didn’t wake up, but she cried out in her sleep, then resettled herself without my intervention. I’m not sure what time the Nonstop Nursing began, but she wouldn’t calm down without it. Are her teeth bothering her? Is she really hungry? I just don’t know. I had to stay on her bed for much of the night, and in the early morning she had to be latched on or she was angry and wouldn’t sleep. Needless to say, my back and neck are not in great shape this morning. And I’m so so tired.

I’m having second thoughts about this. Before I put her in her own bed she was actually sleeping longer and better next to me at night. Sure, I should give it ten days, like I did with Part I, but I’m so tired and I have to work, and I don’t know how to do this. At least with Part I I had little nuggets of encouragement, and she really did progress pretty well. She still sleeps solidly for the first chunk of the night, but the second chunk of the night–which is what I’d hoped to improve by moving her into her own bed–is worse now.

Also, because I’m feeling complainy I’m going to go on a tangent, this contractor working on the streets outside my house is causing me to go insane. They’ve been outside my house all summer. Literally. We don’t have central A/C, so the windows have to stay open, but they’ve been drilling into the street, honking the horns on their machinery, and generally driving me CRAZY for the past two month. Amelia is napping right now (in the stroller. Andrew’s going to try to get her to nap in the bed starting Wednesday. He cut back to three days a week at work, so he’s with her two days during the week), and I had to close the window because they’re sawing through the same chunk of street they’ve been sawing through since May. What are they doing? Q3, I know you’ve been hired to do something that’s probably beneficial to me, but can’t you work a little faster?

Anyway, I’ll keep trying I guess. Maybe she’s just not ready to sleep without my body nearby. I thought she was because of how she’d roll around on the big bed so much. But when she hits up against the wall or the big bed while she’s rolling around on her small bed, she wakes up and wants me. I think this baby needs her own king size bed. Or something. Jeez.

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  1. August 23, 2010 7:51 pm

    i don’t have any advice. just wanted to say sorry it’s so hard.

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