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Night 8

August 28, 2010

Well, she slept alright from 8:25 all the way til 3:45. Progress! That’s a seven hour stretch. She was very very upset, though, when she did wake up and wanted so badly to nurse. I know that they say that babies don’t need to eat at night once they reach a certain weight (she was at that weight at 4 months), but I think it’s tricky when a baby is accustomed to eating at night to teach them not to. First of all, she definitely is eating. She drains both breasts completely. And after she has eaten she will roll over and go to sleep on her own; she doesn’t have to nurse to sleep. Like I mentioned in previous posts, she has been getting a substantial amount of her calories from these night time nursings, though less now than it used to be. Because of that, I do believe that she is genuinely hungry. True, she doesn’t have to eat, but she is hungry. She still eats a bit less than others her age, and so she relies on the breastmilk to provide her with that extra nutrition. But, I think that I can keep pushing back the feedings later and later. Or should I say earlier and earlier. The past two nights she nursed after 5am, which isn’t as late (early? huh?) as I’d like, but it’s MUCH better than 1am. Also, I love that she will often sleep til 8:30am (as she did today), and I’m afraid if I don’t nurse her at 5 then she’ll be up for the day at 6 or 6:30. That’s okay, I guess, but I prefer sleeping in.

There’s just so much to consider when trying to teach the baby new sleep habits. She has learned new sleep habits since I started doing this, and I believe that she’ll be able to go longer and longer without eating at night. I definitely appreciate all the feedback and advice from everybody!

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