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Night 17

March 10, 2011

One step forward, 17 giant leaps back. Night 17: IT SUCKED.

Waking, crying, demanding a very specific type of cuddling, not sleeping enough. I’m so tired. We all are. She didn’t eat as much dinner last night, but what can I do? They say that if your child isn’t interested in eating, not to push it. Well, she won’t eat at all sometimes. And then what? And then I know she’ll be hungry and uncomfortable all night.

I need a personal baby guru to live in my house and help me with this child. I love her so much, and most of the time she is so easy and amazing. But night time! Oh, night time.

And it’s funny because I was so excited that we actually co-slept through the night. One night. Night 16. A beautiful night.

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