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Night 18

March 11, 2011

It wasn’t so bad. I don’t remember her waking until the first time she asked for milk, which was 4:45 am. I said no, that it was time to sleep, and she fell back asleep relatively quickly. She woke up about an hour later, and I went ahead and nursed her and we dosed until 6:30 or so, when she was wide awake.

After the night before last I felt so hopeless, but maybe it’s getting better overall. Only time will tell. More time, always more time. The patience that parenting requires isn’t just in-the-moment patience when your kid does something crazy or mean or annoying; instead, it’s knowing that things take time. Lots and lots of time. Children really are amazing creatures, growing so quickly, learning so much all the time, changing. I hope I always remember to respect this about her.

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