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Nights 19-22

March 15, 2011

Not a lot to tell, sadly. Night 20 came and went, without much fanfare. We’ve had mostly rough nights. Those stupid incisors are all still pushing against her gums; as far as I can tell only one has made it through the surface.

She’s also entering into a challenging new phase. She’s been an amazing baby and toddler–generally very happy and agreeable. And until a few days ago, her favorite word was “yeah!” However, she’s now discovered the bratty-sounding “NO.” I know that she’s not being bratty, she’s just being a toddler, but it’s still a big change to deal with.

This new-found obstinance independence is great, it really is, but it makes things harder at night. And during the day. Okay, pretty much all the time. I need to whip out my child psychology books and refresh myself on healthy / non-authoritarian ways to deal with this stage. It’s so hard for her too, because this need to protest what I ask her to do hinders her fun as well. She wants to go outside and play with bubbles, but she wants to say no when I ask her if she wants to, so then she’s frustrated because she wants to, but she wants to say no to me. Those little brains. Those tiny little brains.

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